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How To Send Money To Your Student

It's quick, easy and above all, safe! You just need to "Sign Up To Send Money." Here's How:

  1. Log on to the DMACC OneCard program website.
  2. On the program home page, click on the "Sign Up To Send Money" button.
  3. Make sure you have a check handy. A check will include the bank account number and bank routing number that you'll need to sign up.
  4. Type in all the requested contact information to set up your account and then click "Next."
  5. Carefully type in your funding account information including your routing and account number. You may use either a checking or savings account.
  6. You can send an email to the account holder to let them know you are sending them money. As a courtesy, you can send up to $100 dollars the first time you register, before your funding account has been confirmed.
  7. Confirm this funding account by checking your bank statement and taking note of the small amounts that were deposited and withdrawn from your account by BankMobile.
  8. Confirm Funding Bank Account
  9. When you have these figures, log back on to your account and from the main menu bar select "User Profile," then "Accounts."
  10. Enter the amounts that were deposited and withdrawn by BankMobile, then click "Submit" to confirm your funding account.
  11. Once your account has been confirmed, the amount of money you can transfer is increased. The money is transferred electronically to the account holder. Please see our funds availability timeline for availability information.